Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4 What a great holiday!

Yesterday was July today is the 5th. Ok I'm going to be serious, it really was a great day. So many things that I enjoy were all crammed into one day. John is working 3-11 so that was the only thing that brought me down, because he didn't get to enjoy all of the holiday fun with us.

We started out the day by going to Sunday School. Usually there are about 6-8 kids, however there were only three. So I did my best to teach them the lesson and not threaten them to often. You know the church threat...where you smile kindly and whisper your words of "if you don't stop it I swear I'm gonna" fill in the blank.

After church we spent some time with daddy-o before he headed off to work :(...well someone has to fund all of our fun activities..sorry babe!

At 4 Covington had it's first "Red White and Blue Parade and we were there! Proudly waving our Flags (Thanks BIG AL) it was such a cute parade and that is the best way to describe it. Our town is fabulous, we may be small, kind of smelly, high unployment but we do try our best to make it enjoyable. Some complain that there isn't anything to do, but there are things you just have to make an effort to support them so they will continue and grow.
It was wonderful to see the veterans, and Buddy was so excited to see the fire trucks and Army Men with guns. The girls were thrilled by it all, especially seeing there cousin Sydney ride in her first parade as the Little Miss Queen of Hearts. We are so proud of her because she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I was also thankful that they were allowed to throw candy, what kid doesn't love risking their life running out into the road for a half broken butterscotch candy??

Next we picked up cousin Rachel and hit the AET park for some bouncing and icy oasis. It was nice to see friends and just hang out sitting in the grass eating an icy, the only thing that would have made it more complete was if I hadn't been sweating like a pig.

Our next stop was the Morris Family Picnic. It was nice because there was lots of family and friends. Loved passing around Brady and watching my kids treat grown men like playground equipment. The food was yummo but then again I firmly believe I would eat anything cooked on a grill. As the night grew dark we moved to the front yard to witness the fireworks. I was really proud of Covington, they were nice and lasted longer than 5 minutes....I've been disappointed in the past. The kids loved it and the adults contemplated why fireworks weren't more widely used to celebrate other holidays. Why aren't there Christmas fireworks in red and green? Why not pastels to celebrate Easter? Lots of red for Valentines? I'm going to see if I can get the copyright on this idea.

Last but not least we met John at home and he put off some of his fireworks, we pretended to be impressed but after seeing the real deal in town a bottle rocket in the driveway just isn't the same.

Like I said it was a day filled with all the things I love, Church, a parade, icy treats, a cookout, and fireworks. Good times.

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