Friday, July 17, 2009

Suddenly I see

Suddenly I see how annoying whistling can be. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that my children are able to learn things and seem to be musically inclined but whistling has it's time and place. When we go into 3 or 4 stores and my child whistles and then I'm like "STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!" then there is some store clerk giving me the evil eye. Then I wonder to myself....are they giving me the evil eye because my child is whistling or because they think I'm being hateful to my whistler. And that same store clerk doesn't realize that the whistling has been going on for the past 3 or 4 stores. To the right you will see a picture of the alleged perpetrator....otherwise known as "whistling Payton."

I have also come to realize that Harry Potter movies may truly be for an older set of children. Buddy is walking around with an unsharepened pencil using it as his wand. He even used it in the van and was convincing the girls that he was making the stop lights change to green. They have also been calling me a muggle...which for you who don't have the Harry Potter priviledge means that I don't have any magical powers. It's a good thing I don't have any magical powers...I'm not sure what I would do but my first order of duty would be a spell that makes lumber turn into a deck.

Ok, I'm going for now, this place is in a state of array. Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for the rest of the story!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Starting Over..Again

I find it humorous that I think I have time to write a blog. What makes it more obvious that I DO NOT have time to do this is that fact that I sit here typing at 1:30 in the morning. Beside me lies my boyfriend. Now, don't fret, Tiffany has not lost her mind. It's my five year old significant other who is currently sporting a stylish pair of footed pajamas. ((SIDE NOTE: I'm a little worried about how much he enjoys his footed pjs and fear he could be a freshman in college walking to the communal bathroom in his footed pjs)) I'm also washing clothes and trying to maintain the neatness that my husband somehow created in this house while I was gone.

Sorry about that, my mind does seems to wonder at times. Speaking of the craziness in me being awake at this hour I'm embarrassed to say that I am also watching Big Brother After Dark. Only people who are a fan of this show could understand how you can sit and watch strangers sit and talk for 3 hours straight. Clearly a reality show where you sit around and talk, eat, sleep, and once in a while play a little game is the only type of reality show I could participate in. Well maybe not, these shows have standards. I have no silicone in my body....unfortunately for John. I must be able to have access to a television.....these people have NO entertainment....wait they do have the girls with the silicone, so I guess they do have entertainment.
So seriously I'm going to try and write a blog a couple of times a week. Whether it's just to rant and rave (( I'm a complainer, if your going to read this, get used to it)), tell funny stories about my children (( Yes, I am one of those parents who think that their children are the only ones who say things that are humorous)), or just to post my thoughts in general. I am very opionated and nothing I ever say will be meant to offend. Always remember that I am thankful for everything that I have! So with every complaint that I ever make there were and still are a thousand prayers that I prayed in order to be where I am now. Anyway, enjoy and I can't wait to see if anyone reads this. Please give me feedback, I love positive reinforcement and making sure that I am being entertaining and making you laugh will inspire me to write more often.
For the ending of my first note I will share some Buddy-isms. At his Aunt Ashly's house he recently asked her if she would be going to her baby shower naked.
When I returned from my beach trip, he immediately asked what I brought him. I told him to chill out and I'd show him in a minute. Instead, he dug into one of my bags (the snack bag from the hotel room) and found the Better Cheddars. He pulled the half eaten box out and yelled "Hey sissy's she got me Better Cheddars". His face was priceless when he found the bag opened and the contents half gone.
The girls on the other hand were thrilled to find that I had bought them each their own Bath and Body Works Foam Hand Sanitizer. Which Rylee calls "HANATIZER". I may have scarred my children for life by constantly de-germing them.
Ok, I'm out for now. I'm going to cary this small child to bed. Sheesh I jinxed myself, Payton just strolled in. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it myself.