Saturday, February 28, 2009

Disney Vacation Day 1

Sat, Feb 28, 2009We...I mean I, got up at 4:30 and got the troops prepared to go. I was hoping that they would stay asleep and just be carried to van peacefully, no luck with that. All three of them woke up and were geared up for the trip ahead. Five minutes into our trip, Buddy was the first to voice those dreadful words..."Are we there yet?" I knew we were in trouble at this point.

John drove the first part of the trip, I assisted by sleeping quietly beside him...your welcome John! The kids took turns sleeping on and off. I woke up in North Carolina which was quite nice. Our first stop was a Burger King drive thru at about 9:30. As of this meal nothing has been spilt in the van.As we ventured thru NC the weather turned rough. There was quite a monsoon and we really couldn't go the speed limit but we still made pretty good time.

After watching Madagascar 2 and a couple short movies it was now time to take a stretch. 12:15 was the first time I heard the second set of dreadful words...."I need to use the bathroom". Don't get me wronrg I'm not cruel, I know they need to use the bathroom but when you are doing it multiple times it does get lengthy. The Octuplet mom is going to have some really fun times with that....Any we stopped at a rest station in SC, it was still raining a bit but we were able to stretch our legs.

The Professional Driver, and by that I mean John, decided that he would let me take the wheel at this point. I feel so honored. The rain slacked off, thankfully since he doesn't think I can drive in inclement weather. There was about a zillion miles of road work however it didn't seem to bother John, he was snoring.Now a couple of paragraphs ago I mentioned that Buddy said "Are we there yet?" Well multiple that by 100 and add to it the fact that he mixed that question up with others...."Are we at Disney?" "Where is our hotel?" "Mom, turn the radio down so I can ask you sometime." I'm loving this vacation already. The girls however, were as happy as could be. I made them a box with lots of goodies and it kept them busy as bees....Note to time put masking tape in Buddy's box.

OK, so at this point your asking yourself.....ARE WE THERE YET??? Well yes, sort of. We ended our day in Jacksonville at a Marriott. Had a yummy dinner at Cracker Barrel and then got our Facebook fix.I decided that I'm going to try and write a note each day to keep up with each days adventures. When I finish this I may try to write a blog, but I'm not sure my brain can handle that at this point. There are three five year olds jumping from one bed to another...I'm just trying to block it out.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, if not I don't care. I'm in Florida and it's 80 degrees...thats right I said 80.